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Tower Arriving at Wind Turbine Project Site

This is the last of three blogs on installing a Renewegy 20kW wind turbine system on the time between the foundation installation and final commissioning. The First Part described the time between contracting Renewegy and securing the appropriate permitting.  The Second Part described the time between permitting to the foundation installation.

Foundation Installation to Final 20 kW Wind Turbine Commissioning

During the minimum 28 day cure time of the foundation, electrical power and data lines are run from the turbine foundation to the building infrastructure. Similar to the foundation installation, an electrician does not need additional training to install this portion of the turbine. The electrician installs and tests the system and locks out any connection for safety that Renewegy will hook up to on installation.

Depending on the agreement with the utility company, the meter of this distributed wind turbine system will run backward if the wind turbine system is producing more electricity than the building is consuming or will slow the building’s use of electricity producing an energy savings for the customer.

Day of Installation

Most of the action happens on the day of the turbine system installation. All of the permits are in place, the foundation is cured, electrical is in active, and our installers are prepared for the final installation.

The turbine installation technicians and a flatbed truck with the turbine system materials arrive at the project site at about the same time.  The tower, turbine head, blades, and electrical panel arrive on the truck while the Renewegy installation and service equipment kit (RISE kit) is pulled to the site by the installers.

The installers unload all the equipment from the trailer and begin assembling. They place the tower base on the foundation then assemble the middle tower section to the base and to the hydraulic tip-up cylinders. The upper tower section is then connected to the rest of the assembly.  The installers  connect the electrical panel to the building electrical connection and run a trunk cable to the top of the tower. They hang the turbine head vertically from a forklift and make all the electrical connections from the turbine head to the trunk cable. After attaching the turbine head to the tower, they secure the housing and three 4.3-meter blades to the turbine head and begin final safety checks before tipping up the tower with the hydraulic cylinders.

The tip-up of a VP-20 takes approximately eight minutes.  A video of the hydraulic tip up can be seen here.

With the tower upright, the installers bolt the tower to the base. An internet connection to the turbine is tested and the installers run through final commission checks. The installer can then gather up all their equipment and head on their way. The installer’s portion of the installation takes about one day per turbine system to install. Final commissioning, calibration, and performance monitoring happens remotely from Renewegy Headquarters. In many cases, the turbine can be making power on the day of installation. In other cases, final safety checks from the local utility may delay the actual start-up of the turbine.

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