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Renewegy at its roots is a technology company. It has utilized its engineering expertise to design a state of the art and cost effective wind turbine.

Renewegy Products - Wind Turbines and Electric Propulsion Technology

VP-20 Wind Turbine

The VP-20’s Variable Pitch (VP) control system, hydraulic tip-up tower, and internet monitoring are unique in the commercial wind turbine market. These designs are engineered to make the VP-20 one of the most technologically advance wind turbines available today. Combine these features with an included 5-year warranty and you get an unparalleled level of reliability and safety. Click here for more information on the VP-20 wind turbine.

Electric Propulsion

Although focused on harnessing the power of the wind to create clean energy, Renewegy has also positioned itself as a company at the forefront of high efficiency propulsion and hybrid technologies.
Using the synergies from our past experiences in aeronautical, automotive, and marine industries, we are confident that our technology can help to make a positive impact in the areas of wind power and beyond.
Renewegy has extensive experience in power electronics application and design. Renewegy evaluates potential engineering projects based on their application and fit within Renewegy’s Strategic Vision. If you are interested in contracting Renewegy for your engineering project, please visit the Contact Us Page.


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“Renewegy is a very innovative team and has developed a world class product. Corrim is now proud to say: Our fiberglass doors and frames are produced with the assistance of Wind Energy”.

Mark Miller, Corrim Company

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