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Renewegy Electric Propulsion Products

Electric Motors

Electric motors are increasingly being used for mobile propulsion applications. Renewegy offers high efficiency electric motors produced by Kollmorgen. Propulsion applications range from complete electric, hybrid-electric, and auxiliary systems power generation. In Hybrid-Electric applications, electric motors are being used to augment traditional Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) by leveraging the transient torque capability of the electric machine. Controlled properly, the electric motor can provide transient torque (both positive and negative) significantly faster than a traditional ICE. The result is a more responsive propulsion system to the operator, a steadier load on the ICE, and the potential of downsizing the ICE. Most applications of this type of hybridization yield gains in fuel efficiency over a traditional system.

Kollmorgen motors are efficient, durable, and virtually maintenance free resulting in competitive system lifetime costs. The TSP and TSW motors are designed and developed to optimize efficiency and performance when operating together with the Kollmorgen family of AC Drives. AC motors are brushless and therefore almost maintenance free. They require no access for maintenance allowing for a compact system design.

AC Propulsion Motor Datasheet (PDF)

Renewegy Motor Controller
Motor Controllers

The Kollmorgen family of motor controllers incorporates a number of features and capabilities important to the electric propulsion system designer. Control modes include speed control, torque control, and position control. The drives can be used stand-alone for simple traction applications or used as a smart actuator within a complex, multiprocessor system. The controllers are compact, proven, and environmentally hardened for use in the mobile propulsion marketplace.

 AC Propulsion Drive Datasheet (PDF)

Renewegy Master Controller

Vehicle Master Controllers

The Kollmorgen Vehicle Master Controller (VMC) is a new generation general purpose controller for electrical systems that use CAN for communication. With its extensive I/O possibilities and flexibility it is uniquely suited to manage the system requirements of both simple and complex architectures. The VMC module is designed for use with the Danaher family of AC drive and motor products.

Vehicle Master Control Datasheet (PDF)


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