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Nuts and Bolts of the 20kW VP-20 Wind TurbineElectronic Pitch Control

The VP-20’s electronic Variable Pitch (VP) control system is unique in the Light Commercial market. Every wind turbine needs a way to control and optimize its performance over the wide range of wind speeds and environmental conditions. The VP-20 actively controls the pitch of each blade within 1/100th of a degree while pitching at speeds up to 15 degrees per second. Where else can you find a light commercial system offering this type of control? Only the Utility scale wind farms offer this control. This technology allows the VP-20’s control system to optimize the turbine’s performance while ensuring safety and reliability.

Three Axis Accelerometer

What if Renewegy could put an engineer on top of every one of our VP-20 products to ensure the safety and performance of the turbine? Well – that’s probably a little impractical; however, we’ve done the next best thing. Each VP-20 turbine head comes standard with an electronic 3-Axis Accelerometer to measure the key vibrations from your turbine head. This information is processed 10 times per second by the VP-20’s master controller to ensure that your turbine is operating safely under all conditions. If anything abnormal is detected, a warning is triggered. If the condition worsens, the master controller will automatically shut the turbine down until a service technician can evaluate the situation.

Internet Connectivity – Remote Monitoring

Each VP-20 turbine is connected to the internet. Not only can you monitor the performance of your turbine through any web browser, but Renewegy service technicians can remotely do a deep dive into your turbines systems to monitor and/or diagnose any issues that may arise. Additionally your VP-20 turbine can be remotely setup to analyze itself by acquiring up to 8 Megabytes of data. Once the data is captured, your VP-20 is smart enough to automatically upload the data to Renewegy’s technicians for review.

Technical Data

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Renewegy Turbine Installation
Starting with a site plan layout of your facility, the Renewegy team will help you through the process of installing your turbine(s). Renewegy can act as your General Contractor to ensure the quality, timeliness, and cost effectiveness or your turbine(s) installation. If you prefer, we can work directly with your designated concrete and electrical contractors. The entire process can happen in as little as six weeks.

Twenty-eight days after your concrete foundation is installed, the Renewegy installation team will arrive at your site to assemble your tower, attach your turbine head, and erect and commission your turbine(s).The entire process typically takes less than one day per turbine. Once commissioning is complete, your turbine(s) will immediately begin making clean power for your facility and will be monitored 24/7 by the Renewegy team.


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“Renewegy is a very innovative team and has developed a world class product. Corrim is now proud to say: Our fiberglass doors and frames are produced with the assistance of Wind Energy”.

Mark Miller, Corrim Company

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