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The Renewegy team made installing a wind turbine a wonderful experience with three planned features. First, the concrete foundations can be excavated and poured in a day. The foundation’s reinforcing steel cage can be built prior to the installation and can be easily placed in the space upon excavation. Often, a local concrete installer can do the foundation work with under the instruction of Renewegy. Second, the entire turbine system can be placed on a single flatbed trailer that does not require any special permits. This allows a turbine system to be shipped anywhere in the US in about a week’s time. Finally, the tip up tower design eliminates the need for a crane and keeps labor costs low. Two installers, their equipment, and a day’s time are all that Renewegy needs once the concrete foundation is cured.


Class IV dimensions are 16x16x5 and Class II dimensions 19x19x6
Renewegy - Pier Excavation

Rebar Matte

Matte is elevated 3” above dirt
Renewegy Rebar Matte

Bolt Rings Assemblies and Forms

The lower embedded ring, bolts, and nuts are supplied as part of the VP-20 tower assembly.
Please indicate whether a Class II or Class IV or Class IV foundation when ordering.
Renewegy Bolt Rings

Installation of Pier Form and Ring Bolt Assembly

Rolled steel form, upper ring, and three clamp brackets are part of the Pier Form kit. The
components can be purchased directly from Renewegy or drawings can be supplied and built by
Installation of Pier Form

Bolt Ring Tip-down Alignment and Leveling

Bolt ring is placed in form such that two bolts are aligned in the tip-down direction. Integral jack
screws are used to level the bolt ring before and after pouring.
Bolt Ring Tip-Down Alignment and Leveling

Rebar and Bolt Ring relationship with centered Ufer Ground Rebar

Ufer ground rebar should protrude a minimum of 7” above the surface of the concrete
Rebar and Bolt Ring Relationship

Finished Pier

Upper surface should have final finish and circumference should be edged
Finished Pier

Hydraulic Raise

After a minimum of a 28 day cure, the tower can be assembled to the foundation and hydraulically erected. A 1.0 HP 230VAC electric motor is used to energize the hydraulic power supply to raise and lower the tower assembly.


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“Renewegy is a very innovative team and has developed a world class product. Corrim is now proud to say: Our fiberglass doors and frames are produced with the assistance of Wind Energy”.

Mark Miller, Corrim Company

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