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Put Wind to Work for You

By putting wind to work for you, Renewegy can help you save energy, save money, and have a positive impact on the environment. Wind energy can help you offset the rising costs of traditional energy sources. Using a renewable resource like wind reduces your dependence on the grid and keeps the money in your pocket instead of sending it to the utility.

Wind energy is also a smart public relations move. Having 100-ft. tall, stylish wind turbines in front of your business draws a lot of attention. It illustrates how important sustainability and the environment are to your company. It shows you know how to make smart economic decisions. Ultimately it proves that you care – not just about the environment – but also about your employees and your customers because reducing energy costs will make you more successful. What value would you place on the ability to tell that story all day, every day, in such a visible way?

“It’s just the right thing to do.”
– Dick Bergstrom, Bergstrom Automotive

Put Wind to Work for YouWho is Installing Wind Power?

• Commercial Businesses
• Industrial Businesses
• Agricultural Businesses
• National Retailers
• Schools and Universities
• Municipalities
• Non-profit Organizations


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“Renewegy is a very innovative team and has developed a world class product. Corrim is now proud to say: Our fiberglass doors and frames are produced with the assistance of Wind Energy”.

Mark Miller, Corrim Company

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