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Wind power is a clean and renewable form of energy which at its roots is really another form of solar energy. Wind is created when the sun heats different parts of the Earth differently. This uneven heating of the earth leads to changes in air temperature and air pressure. Warmer air is lighter than cooler air and as a result will rise above the cooler air. As the warmer air begins to rise suddenly, cooler air rushes in to fill the space the hot air left behind. The motion caused by the rapidly shifting cooler air particles to replace the warmer air particles is what we call wind.*

Now that we know where wind comes from and that wind is simply rapidly moving air particles, how does this become power we can use in our everyday life? This is accomplished by transferring the wind’s kinetic energy (energy of motion) and then converting it into its desired form. In our case, we want to use a wind turbine to transfer the wind’s energy into electricity. While much of the technology has changed in harnessing wind power over the years, the basic process of converting wind to electricity has not. The process is as follows:

A wind turbine’s blades can be thought of like the “sail” of the system. When the wind hits the blades causing the blades to move, some of the winds energy is transferred to the turbine’s blades. The spinning blades transfer this energy to a shaft inside the nacelle (housing on top of the tower) which then transfers this energy to a generator where it can be converted (through various methods) into an electrical current. Renewegy Wind Turbine’s accomplish this through a simple inductive generator. The end result is the kinetic energy of the wind being turned into electrical energy.

*This is a simplified version of where wind comes from as there are other forces acting on the atmosphere that influence and create wind. These other forces include pressure gradient force, gravity, Coriolis force, friction, and centrifugal force. While these other forces are important, it is the air pressure changes caused by the sun which is the driving force of most winds.


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“Renewegy is a very innovative team and has developed a world class product. Corrim is now proud to say: Our fiberglass doors and frames are produced with the assistance of Wind Energy”.

Mark Miller, Corrim Company

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