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The United States transfers hundreds of billions of dollars every year to foreign countries for energy. Although the total imports has fallen about 10% from its peak in 2006  to about 3.3 billion barrel of crude oil today, the U.S. will still spend about $300B in 2013 on crude oil imports. The $300B leaving the U.S. represents about 2% of GDP the United States for foreign energy.

For the past few decades, investments to extract energy have mostly been made oversea. However, a movement to domestic energy production has begun to revitalize parts of the United States. Huge investments are being made in order to reach and extract energy sources.

In states like North Dakota, cities and companies are hiring at an extraordinary rate. The northernmost plains state boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the US. In fact, McDonald’s, known for its low wage positions, pays more than two times their typical wages in location in North Dakota, pushing hourly rates past $15/hour. These types of wages are made by domestic energy production.

Further, foreign energy dependence threatens more than our economic security, but also our national security. The risk is so prevalent that the Navy identifies energy dependence as a threat to national security. A reliable energy source is becoming as important as a reliable food source for a nation seeking independence and catastrophe preparation. Developing domestic energy sources will alleviate energy uncertainty in case on conflict.

The long term effects of domestic energy production are yet to be seen, but safely and effectively developing domestic energy sources should benefit both our economy and national security.

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