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Often the first question about wind turbines is “what is the payback?” The answer is usually the same: It depends on many factors. The payback period depends on the site – obstructions such as building and trees as well as the surrounding terrain; wind energy potential; the local cost of electricity; local incentives; and the performance of the specific wind turbine. Wind turbine payback is important, but what else is important in selecting a wind turbine? Safety, reliability, manufacturer’s support, and appearance are all factors to consider when choosing a commercial wind turbine.


Safety should be the number one determining factor in selecting a turbine installation; a turbine that proves not safe to operate will never pay itself back. Some standard safety features found on most turbines is a maximum cut-out speed, emergency braking, rotor over-speed protection, and electrical protections. Remote monitoring has been used in utility scale turbines and relatively new to the small wind turbine market. Remote monitoring offers the added safety of forcing a shutdown when a problem is determined. Safety in the turbine system encompasses not only the operation of the turbine system, but also installing and servicing the turbine system. The utility scale turbines are installed in pieces using a crane; some small wind turbines can be installed with a crane while more advanced small wind turbine systems use a tip-up tower design to keep installers and technicians on the ground.


Reliability is another determining factor in selecting a wind turbine. Similar to safety, if a system is always broken down, it will never pay itself back. Reliability is usually a function of design time and the quality of the components within a system. Trading component quality for cost savings will not help in the long run.


Manufacturer’s support goes a long ways when a failure does occur. Wind turbines can fall victims to lightning strikes since they are purposely placed to be the highest point in a surrounding area. Is the manufacturer responsive and pro-active in resolving issues? Does the manufacturer carry sufficient inventory to correct issues in days rather than months? Can you easily find who to call when there is a problem? These questions should be answered before a decision is made.


Appearance is another factor to consider when choosing a wind turbine system. Many wind turbine systems are designed to last 20 or more years. A customer will see the turbine system nearly every day during that period. A system that proves to be an eyesore is dreadful for not only the customer, but neighbors.


Renewegy prides itself on its safe, reliable, and attractive VP-20 commercial wind turbine that has been proven safe and reliable with over 99% fleet up-time. We stand behind our product with an included 5-year warranty included with every turbine. For more information on the VP-20 20 kW wind turbine, click here.

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